5 Must-haves for an effective sticker label

Creating effective custom labels is not as hard as it may seem. There are a few things to keep in mind when you design your labels or order stickers online, and if you follow these tips you will be able to create a product that looks great and functions well. Here are the five most important things to remember:

1. The adhesive should be strong and long-lasting

The adhesive is one of the most important parts of a sticker label. After all, it is what holds your label in place. Which adhesive you need mostly depends on the surface you will apply your labels to. If you are not quite sure, simply opt for a pressure-sensitive medium strength adhesive. This will make sure that your labels last long but won’t cause damage when you are ready to remove them.

2. The ink should be fade-resistant

The ink used on your sticker labels needs to be fade-resistant, so that the text doesn’t wear off over time. This is especially important if you are using the labels outdoors, as sunlight can cause the ink to fade quickly. Choose an ink that will stand up to the elements and keep your text looking sharp. Also, be sure to get your sticker labels laminated. This forms an extra layer of protection.

3. The design should be eye-catching and attractive

Your sticker labels need to be eye-catching to get noticed. Use bright colors and interesting shapes to make your labels stand out from the rest. You can opt for a traditional shape like circle stickers to highlight specific product features, or choose a more custom shape like die cut. Keep in mind that the overall design should be attractive, so avoid using too many different colors or patterns.

4. The label should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions

If you are using your labels outdoors or on products that will be taken outdoors, such as camping equipment or water bottles, they need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Make sure that the materials you use are durable and will not be damaged by rain, snow, or wind. Waterproof stickers and labels are your perfect option as they are made to withstand the elements. These are even available in white, clear, glitter, silver, gold and holographic!

5. The size and shape of the sticker label should be appropriate for the intended use

The size and shape of your sticker labels should be appropriate for the intended use. For example, if you are labeling products for sale, the labels should be large enough to be easily seen by potential customers. If you are labeling items for storage, the labels should be small enough so that they don’t take up too much space. Choose a size and shape that is perfect for your needs. If in doubt, square stickers are the most popular and will do the trick 9 out of 10 times.

Following these tips, you can create custom labels that are both effective and attractive. Keep these things in mind when designing your labels, and you will be sure to create a product that looks great and functions well.

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