Best Las Vegas Dinner Restaurants (According to a Local)

Today, I’m sharing my Vegas dining favorites.

When someone says, “Let’s go to Vegas,” I think of all the things most people think of: the glitz and glamor of the casinos, the over-the-top hotels trying to outdo each other, the endless partying and dancing. Vegas is about food for me.

However, the dining scene here is unlike any other. Vegas has everything—from Michelin-starred restaurants to local secrets. Consider me your Las Vegas tour guide thestyleplus.

I’ve been to 4 countries and 11 states in the U.S., and Vegas is up there with LA, NY, and the Carolinas for the best food, restaurants, and meals. Check out my Vegas dinner recommendations before planning your next bachelorette party, boys’ weekend, or shotgun wedding funnyjok.

Top Golf Dinner Experience

This is expensive, but the food and experience are unique. Las Vegas Top Golf is better! Dining at their tables and watching games and shows on their massive TV screens is just as fun. Family-friendly but great for a night out with friends.

Delicious food. We usually order large platters to share. You’ll finish the huge portions. Try everything!

Gary and I get the summer fun pass every year, and while we love golf, we look forward to the food. 

Greenberg’s Deli Sandwiches

It’s hard to believe, but this Las Vegas deli is better than any deli I’ve been to, including New York’s! It’s amazing. We take visitors to this deli, one of our favorites, in Vegas. 

I recommend the Vinny on Rye, but the entire menu is great. The sandwiches are loaded with meat, crisp pickles, and fresh bread. The casual atmosphere is ideal for a quick and satisfying bite.

This place is great for deli sandwiches and quick bites near the New York, New York Hotel.

Asian cuisine:

Din Tai Fung is Vegas’ best Asian restaurant for foodies. It’s obvious why I visit this restaurant monthly. Fresh, flavorful Cantonese cuisine is their specialty. 

Shrimp and Kurobuta Pork Spicy Wontons are my favorites, but try everything. This popular spot fills up fast, so reserve your table at least a week ahead. So put on your stretchy pants and come taste Din Tai Fung with me.

Tastiest Mexican

Strip: Viva

Viva, my favorite strip Mexican restaurant, serves authentic Mexican food. For a fun night out, it’s chic, intimate, and energetic. 

Try Barbacoa. It’s tender and tasty, making you want more. It has the best margarita flight I’ve ever had.

Fuhu Vegas:

If this city were a restaurant, it would be Fuhu. At Resorts World, this place captures Vegas’ fun, engaging vibe. Food is the main attraction. The excellent staff makes dining more enjoyable. It’ll be worth it. 

Make a reservation ahead of time because this hotspot gets busy!

Dinner and Drinks:

 Try something new in Vegas. Flight Club is an interactive dining experience for the adventurous. This amazing new restaurant is a dart bar!

It’s a Vegas dart bar. Flight Club’s games keep the competition going and make for a fun night out. Flight Club offers a unique take on a classic night out in Las Vegas.

Brewdog’s Strip View

One of my favorite restaurants in the city, Brewdog, has amazing views, great beer, and delicious food. The Strip views from Vegas’ only rooftop restaurant are worth the trip. 

Great beer and food are also available. From the $150 burger to the best Lobster Mac & Cheese ever, there’s something for everyone. If you have room for dessert, their menu will satisfy. It’s always fun to eat there.

Brooklyn Bowl: World’s Best Fried Chicken

What’s better than food, music, and bowling? Due to the frequent events and concerts, it’s worth making a reservation for dinner. They open at 5 pm every night, and you can check the schedule online. 

Their Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is the best you’ll ever have. You’ll have a memorable Vegas night with this great food, great vibes, and bowling.

For Sushi Lovers: Sushi Samba

Las Vegas’ best sushi restaurant is Sushi Samba. This sushi spot never disappoints. Though pricey, it’s worth it. The sashimi and sushi rolls are out of this world. The food and incredible cocktail menu are presented as well as they taste. 

The restaurant is stunning. It’s like eating in a museum. The ambiance is perfect for a special occasion or a romantic night out, with modern and elegant decor. Sushi lovers visiting Vegas should try it. We love it, and you will too.

Nine Fine Irishmen for Beer Lovers

New York, New York Casino’s Nine Fine Irishmen restaurant is fun. This place is great for beer and food. Traditional Irish dishes like fish and chips are on the menu. My favorite dish was the Irish Nachos with corned beef. If you were to win big at the  casino, celebrating at the Nine Fine Irishment would be the ideal way to celebrate your good fortune. Try your luck at and hone those roulette skills.

If you want to relax after a day on the Vegas strip, this place is lively and comfortable. If you’re looking for a fun, casual spot with great food, lots of beer options, and a killer atmosphere, Nine Fine Irishmen is it.

Art’s District/Downtown Freemont

Good Pizza in Vegas

Good Pie is my favorite pizza place. Period. It’s the best NY pizza I’ve ever had. The rustic decor, exposed brick walls, and dim lighting make it feel like a NYC neighborhood pizza joint.

White Pizza is my favorite. The toppings are fresh, the crust is crispy, and the cheese is gooey. When you’re with a group, their vegan options are great. The staff is friendly and the prices are low. Good Pie is a must-try for Vegas pizza.

 Art Houz: Dinner and a Movie

Art Houz is one of Las Vegas’s most luxurious movie theaters. That includes a full bar menu, fine dining, comfortable reclining seats, and more. The food is great. Everything we ordered was great.

Surprisingly low prices! Compared to other city movie theaters, movies are $10 most days and $15 on opening weekends.

Able Baker Brewery

Able Baker is my favorite brewery! For the best IPAs in Las Vegas, beer lovers must visit this place. Asian-inspired bar food is also available here. My favorite food is banh-mi and beer is Atomic Duck, but everything on the menu is great. 

Dogs are welcome on the patio. It can get crowded, especially on game days, so arrive early. 

Off the strip

BBQ Beast:

For BBQ fans, Area15’s Beast is a must-visit. I’ve had the best barbecue here. The Beast Sandwich is a must-try. You’ll finish it, even though it’s huge! Tender, juicy meat and fresh toppings.

It’s great for parties and large groups because of the fun, energetic atmosphere. Cocktails are amazing. The Beast is a must-try for Las Vegas BBQ fans.

T-Bones for Vegas Steakhouse

T-Bones is the classic Vegas steakhouse. This steakhouse is one of my favorites. The food is always delicious and the service is impeccable. 

Prime rib is the star of the menu, but filet mignon, ribeye, and New York strip are also available. It’s delicious and perfectly cooked. Pair your steak with a wine from their extensive wine list for the Vegas experience.

Date Night: Edo Tapas

Spain meets Las Vegas at Edo Tapas. In Sin City, we go to this cozy Spanish restaurant. Every tapas dish we’ve tried has been delicious. 

Edo Tapas is a Las Vegas Spanish restaurant not to be missed.

Just Need Pho: Pho Kim Long

Pho Kim Long: the ultimate pho spot. Pho Kim Long is our favorite Las Vegas pho restaurant. No matter who you’re dining with, they’ll find something they like on the menu. The pho noodle soup and spring rolls have been great.

Pho Kim Long’s full-cocktail menu is unusual for a Vietnamese restaurant in Vegas! The cocktail menu includes classic and modern drinks that complement the food. A casual dinner with friends or a romantic date night is perfect here. For authentic Vietnamese food in Las Vegas, Pho Kim Long is a must-try.

La Neta’s Amazing Food and Cocktails

Delicious food, unique cocktails, and a fun, Vegas-like atmosphere await you at this restaurant. I’ve never seen cocktails like these. Flavored rose-shaped ice.  Their cocktails are worth a try. The food’s great too. Everything is perfect, from appetizers to entrees.

It’s also a restaurant. Brunch is great there too. Saturday night or Sunday morning, the atmosphere is perfect. It’s busy, so reserve ahead of time. You’re amazing, La Neta.

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