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Dreadnoughts – The Game Changer

Dreadnoughts were the largest and most powerful warships of all time, according to Admiral Lord West, the former head of the Royal Navy. With a top speed of 25 mph, it had an advantage over earlier ships, which could only reach a maximum speed of around 20 mph. Its steam turbine engines allowed it to maintain its speed over long distances and were far more reliable than earlier ships.

Dreadnoughts incorporated 12-inch guns instead of smaller cannons, which required gunners to reload their guns every time they fired a shell. This was inefficient, and it forced the crews to recalculate their fire, which led to massive splashes and a large target area. The Dreadnoughts also had a secondary battery of guns that aimed at torpedo boats. Latest Website magazineview and magzine

Dreadnoughts changed naval warfare forever. Like the tank, they revolutionized the way warships were built. The Dreadnoughts were able to build and deliver in a year, demonstrating British military-industrial prowess. By contrast, major battleships took years to build. Their quick construction speed made the Germans sit up and take notice.

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The Dreadnought was designed for close engagement with enemy vessels, and it was successful in doing so. One of the most notable successes was the Dreadnought’s sinking of the German submarine SM U-29, in mid-March 1915. The sub had surfaced near the Dreadnought’s path after firing a torpedo at an English warship. The crews of the German sub had no time to realize their error; the Dreadnought’s reinforced steel bow cut through the German submarine easily and quickly. As a result, the Dreadnought’s crews were out of the line during the Battle of Jutland, which ended with the surrender of Germany.

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