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Environmental Issues We Need to Solve Immediately

The earth has faced many environmental problems for centuries. Humans have been responsible for much of this damage and contaminate the environment in many ways. These problems are so widespread that they seem overwhelming and we don’t know how to begin making a difference. To get started, we need to look at some of the biggest environmental issues we face today. Listed below are some of the most pressing issues that we need to resolve immediately

One of the most pressing environmental issues today is climate change. Scientists are unanimous that humans are the main cause of global warming. Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels contribute to this problem, but political will hasn’t been strong enough to lead to a massive policy shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources of energy. If the climate crisis continues, more extreme weather events may persuade the public to take action today

Similarly, air pollution is a major issue, as is climate change. Air pollution caused by greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and exacerbate climate change. Chinese pollution is increasing storms in the Pacific Ocean and is contributing to more erratic weather in the U.S. Researchers aren’t convinced that Chinese pollution is causing the warming of the planet, but it’s still an important issue


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