GTA Online Casino Missions

To begin a GTA Online casino mission on PTGAME24, you must be a leader or host. If you are not, you might join a game of another host and get stuck in the pre-mission screen. To stop this from happening, quit and restart the game. If you have never played GTA Online, here are some tips for you:

List of gta online casino missions

The GTA Online Casino mission list includes all 12 Diamond Casino & Resort missions. Each mission is slightly different in context and content, but they are all rewarding in some way. The first mission involves defending a shipment of house chips and awards you with 5,000 chips and $8,500. The next mission, Severance, requires you to track down and kill a dealer who has stolen some money. You will earn seven thousand chips for completing this mission, so it’s worth taking your time to play these missions.

In GTA Online, you can earn Armored Enus Paragon R by completing the list of casino missions. This vehicle can be obtained by paying for a Twitch Prime membership or spending real money. But you can also earn it without playing any Casino missions. The only difference between these two missions is the payouts, and the quality of life features. If you are interested in earning these cars, you should first obtain the VIP membership of Diamond Casino & Resort, which will give you access to its list of casino missions.

Reward for completing all six missions as a host

To earn the reward for completing all six Casino missions in GTA V, you must first complete all six missions. These missions are very difficult, and players should be very bold to get them. You can only get the rewards if you finish all six missions as a host. The more people you invite, the higher your chance of getting a group. If you need more help, you can always ask for help from other players.

You can receive an additional GTA$ 100,000 in casino chips on สมัครบาคาร่า when you complete the missions as a host. To get the reward, you must complete all six missions in the co-op lobby. For the first time, you need to complete all six missions without dying. When you complete these missions, Baker will send you a textbook and tell you that a new car is waiting at the docks. The new car is an Enus Paragon R. The other car you receive when you complete the casino missions as a host is an Annis S80RR.

Locations of playing cards

In GTA Online, there are 54 different locations where you can find playing cards. They’re scattered around the city and Blaine County. These cards may have been scattered in an accident or even by the croupier himself. Since they were added at the same time as the casino, finding them will require some serious searching. In the following, we’ll cover a few of the locations where you can find these cards.

The GTA Online Casino on เว็บบาคาร่า offers 54 locations where players can find playing cards. Finding these cards will reward you with RP and chips for the casino. Collecting all 54 cards will also unlock an exclusive High Roller Outfit and a special set of playing cards for the Diamond dealer. You can even use the rare vintage cards as trophies in your penthouse. However, it’s better to collect more than one card.

Requirements to complete a mission

If you’ve ever tried to host a Casino mission in GTA Online, you’ve noticed that you need to get drunk. This is important because alcohol will instantly black you out. Besides that, alcohol will prevent you from completing certain Casino missions. You also need to have completed all the casino story missions, including the VIP and CEO missions. The casino mission also requires that you’ve worked for 10 hours since the last time you’ve been working in the Casino.


Completing a casino mission will net you anywhere from $ 5,000 to ten thousand dollars. You will get around $ 50,000 for completing all of them, depending on which gang you are in. Once you have completed all of them, you can display the cards in your penthouse as a trophy. To access the missions, you must be inside the Master Penthouse, or the Penthouse Garage. After that, you’ll need to complete a mission called “Casino Work”. You’ll need to give a tour to a client in Swift Deluxe. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to unlock an exclusive High Roller Outfit and a special set of playing cards for a Diamond dealer. The bonus for completing this mission is that you can earn a bonus for not dying

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