How Long Can a Person Survive on Only Water or a Nutritional Drink?

Many people wonder how long they can survive on a single serving of nutritional drink. Some have survived for over a year. Others have lasted only a few days without food. Some people, however, are more resilient than others. A senior lecturer at Southampton University and a member of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ expedition team, said that it’s possible to survive up stylishster to 60 days without food. Hunger strikers in prison usually die after 60 days. In 1981, Bobby Sands went 66 days without food before his death. This is because the body’s metabolism slows down to conserve energy.

Depending on the amount of water, a person can newshunttimes survive for a few days without food. However, in the case of death, voluntary refusal to eat would result in death within the same timeframe. However, ice chips or a few sips of water may make the situation bearable for a short time. However, if the person becomes bedridden, his or her life expectancy could go up to three months without food.

The time a person can survive on only water or a webtoonxyz nutritional drink depends on several factors. For example, a person who is extremely thirsty can survive for two to four days. During this time, he or she can continue to consume water-containing foods. However, without water, the body loses water and the kidneys begin to manhwa18 malfunction. As a result, a person may lose their thirst or hunger signals.

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