Is Leap Motion a Game Changer?

In short, yes. Leap Motion is a revolutionary piece of technology, which allows you to interact with virtual environments with your hands. It works alongside existing input devices on computers, creating a virtual touch screen. Leap converts your hand into a cyborg-like tool. It integrates natural hand gestures with modern technology, enabling you to enjoy virtual worlds as if you were actually there.

It has also revolutionized the way medical professionals interact with computers. With a simple gesture, a surgeon can control his or her surgical equipment using their hands. The technology even allows surgeons to manipulate crucial images in real time without the need for a mouse, making it easier to perform difficult procedures. Currently, most surgeons have to spend countless hours reviewing and manipulating important images before and after a surgery. With Leap Motion, doctors and surgeons can control important medical equipment without being distracted by a mouse or a keyboard.

Unlike other VR hand tracking technology, Leap Motion will be available for mobile devices, allowing people to use their hands in VR. Because of the Leap Motion Mobile Platform’s cameras, it doesn’t need external cameras for hand tracking. VR headset makers are already interested in Leap Motion’s inside-out tracking technology. But they haven’t confirmed the specific device for the Leap Motion Mobile Platform.

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