Painting Ideas For Offices

If you are looking for new paint for your office, you have several options. A cool white may be too formal, while a dark gray may appeal to your creative side. Grey is a neutral tone that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Interior designers suggest using gray as a single tone and not a mix of different shades. Adding other colors may overwhelm the senses and confuse the eye. Color blocking is an interesting way to make the space appear more dramatic and elegant.

Orange is a great mood-boosting color, making it an ideal accent wall for the office. It’s also a great complement to off-white and beige. To create an impressive paint job, use blue painter’s tape on the edges of your walls. A warm, dusty peach can add a relaxing touch to the workspace. It would look great on an accent wall, or even as an all-over color.

Use contrasting sheens on walls for a striking pattern. A contrasting stripe in a contrasting color can also delineate the space. This color combination creates both vertical height and length. It also makes the space appear bigger. Another good painting idea for an office is an ombre wall. It blends from dark to light and side to side. By adding contrasting colors, the walls will appear larger.

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