Sensitive skin problems can be solved.

Do you believe that many young women have to face problems like this on their face and body? Time to change to a new makeup climate change Little rest or even idle. The skin may be irritated, with small rashes that come and go, sometimes the face is red hot, the skin is not smooth and uniform. Annoying itching all the time. or have clogged acne Some people have dry, flaky skin. These symptoms are Symptoms of sensitive skin. Today we will take you girls. Let’s get to know the symptoms of sensitive skin. and how to properly care for your skin

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The cause of sensitive skin

Causes of sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย . Actually, it can happen for many reasons. This may be due to the destruction of the skin structure from the use of cosmetics that contain prohibited substances such as mercury or steroids. Skin is damaged by external factors or caused by frequent irritation. until inflammation The immune system of the skin is destroyed until the symptoms mentioned above. Sensitive skin is more common in women than men. Or people with allergies find that the skin is more sensitive, more sensitive than others.

How do you care for sensitive skin? How do you do it?

  1. Notice what you are allergic to. and try to avoid those stimuli Some people find that when they replace the fabric softener with a new one. There will be acne or rash on the skin. Like this, if you stop using it, the problem will be gone, using facial foam. If your face is dry, peeling, flaky, itchy, red marks like this, you need to change the new product immediately. Don’t be sad because if you continue to use it, it may hurt your face until it’s difficult to return to its former glory.
  2. Wash your face thoroughly without any residue or makeup every day. By choosing a gentle product suitable for the skin, do not use soap because it will dry your skin. skin irritation It is also considered to prepare the skin for the next step of nourishment.
  3. Do not wash your face with warm water. Because it will add more dryness to the skin.
  4. Avoid products such as nourishing creams with perfumes or all kinds of alcohol. But if it is a product that has anti-inflammatory substances on the skin, it can be used.
  5. Choose a product that says it’s specifically for sensitive skin. Don’t believe the advertisement too much. Before use should test on the abdomen of the forearm first. If no problems are found, use it on the face.
  6. Stop scrubbing your face vigorously. with exfoliation or treatment Because of scrubbing or even petting your face often. Will damage the fat layer that protects our skin. cause irritation The skin becomes dry easily. Exfoliating to remove dead cells should be done when your skin is healthy to be effective.
  7. Use sunscreen which must be applied regularly every day. The sunscreen that you choose should choose an SPF value that is suitable for use as well.

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