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Why is My Facebook Ad Not Showing on Instagram?

If your Facebook ad isn’t showing on Instagram, it might be because it was disapproved by Facebook. To appeal this decision, go to your Facebook ads page and fill out the “Ads Pending Review” form. Make sure to include your Ad ID and a detailed description of the problem. Facebook will normally provide a reason for disapproval. If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact Facebook support and ask them to investigate your case.

There are several reasons why your ad might be rejected by Instagram. The most common reason is that the ad does not meet the standards of a page – it isn’t categorized as a page. You must have a professional account to place your ad on Instagram in hubposts. However, if you don’t have a page, you can still use Instagram.

You may be unaware that your ad is disapproved on Instagram. This is the case if you’re not the page administrator in pklikes. However, this problem rarely happens, as Instagram has a different set of advertising policies from Facebook. If your business has an Instagram account, you should use its business account to create your ad. If your ad is not approved, it might be due to your ad strategy or a mistake in ad setup in newsforweb. Listed below are the common reasons why your ad is not showing on Instagram.

Another reason why your ad isn’t showing on Instagram is because it was not mobile-friendly. You can only share your Instagram posts on the Instagram app. If your ad doesn’t show up on Instagram, you may want to try a different advertising strategy in tangonews. But if you can’t make the change, you can still use Facebook’s new cross-posting feature. It is worth it to try it first. Read more about pklikes com login

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