Why Should Every Cricket Fan Play Fantasy Cricket?

In India, where everyone loves cricket immensely, fantasy cricket apps only add to the obsession. So, if you’re a fan of cricket and if it has been a significant part of your childhood and your memories with friends before the stress of life hit you, you should give fantasy cricket a shot.

When it comes to cricket, Indians forget all their differences and problems. Similar to cricket, fantasy cricket also tends to bring people together. Here are a few reasons why you need to play fantasy cricket with your friends:

  1. It increases the excitement for every match: When you play fantasy cricket as you watch the cricket match live, your excitement for the team and its winning increases tenfold. Watching the match as you play on your phone is what life is all about! As soon as your favorite player scores a six, you, along with your family and friends, jump with joy. The level of excitement you feel at that moment does not compare to anything else, and the happiness when celebrating a victory like that is not something anyone can forget easily.
  2. You get the thrill of beating your opponents: Literally everyone and their entire family loves winning, in fantasy cricket or life. Nobody feels joy when the team they were supporting with all their heart loses a match. But when the thrill of winning is unbeatable. The immense euphoria you feel when your team wins is so huge it feels like your personal victory. Knowing the entire nation is probably cheering and celebrating the win with you only adds to the excitement.
  3. It is a fun activity for bonding with your friends: As everyone knows, cricket and festivals are the two things that bring every Indian together. People forget their differences and celebrate together like nothing ever happened before because our National Cricket Team won! Our very pride and honor has won the match and made us feel like we were ten feet tall. This feeling increases when you watch the match with your friends and play fantasy cricket with them. You celebrate the win together and mourn the loss together.
  4. You can brag about your expertise: When you think about it, there is not much opportunity for people of different ages to get together and discuss a topic without feeling left out. Except for cricket! Cricket is the one topic that everyone can debate, share their knowledge, and learn so much more about when discussing. You can brag about things and techniques you know and grasp the knowledge that others are willing to share about traditional and fantasy cricket tv bucetas.
  5. You can create your team: Cricket may seem like an easy sport, but there are a lot of technicalities involved in it. Building your team may seem like an easy task, but it is more complicated than you can imagine. You have to keep every player’s strengths and weaknesses in mind and their coordination with other players. But when playing fantasy cricket, this task is so much fun that once you start playing, you can’t stop.


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